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Biological Oceanographer -  Polar Ecologist - Scientific Educator

MOSAiC Ecosystem Coordinator

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Marine Research

Allison Fong, Arctic Drift, MOSAiC, Arctic Expedition, Climate Change, Polar Research,

Allison Fong is a microbial oceanographer and polar ecologist specializing in the roles microbes play in biogeochemistry and marine ecology. She is currently a researcher at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (Germany) and an Ecosystem Team Co-coordinator for the MOSAiC Project (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate). During her career, she has sailed offshore for more than 500 days on research vessels, and spent more than 9 months in the central Arctic during the MOSAiC expedition leading

Team ECO to capture the pulse of Arctic life. She has studied microbes from the waters off of Rapa Nui to microbes encased in remote Arctic sea ice.

Throughout her career, Allison has been dedicated to service and community action.

During her graduate studies at the University of Hawaii Manoa, she served on the Board of Directors for the Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) from 2011-2014. Today, she continues her work with ASLO as a member of the Education and Outreach Committee, leading the ASLO Storyteller Series. She was also a fellow of the International Arctic

Allison Fong, Arctic Drift, MOSAiC, Arctic Expedition, Polar Science, Climate Change

Science Committee (IASC) Marine Working group from 2016-2018. She continuously engages with broad audiences via talks, ranging from high school math students to undergraduates, and was invited to give a virtual talk at the California Academy of Sciences Night School event (22:02 min).

Allison Fong, Arctic Drift, MOSAiC, Arctic Expedition, Climate Change, Polar Science

Allison was highlighted by ABC News as part of their Voices Series: Women and Climate Change (April 2021). She was also featured in GEO Magazine (December 2020) and CBS News (November 2020) speaking about passion, the importance of science, and taking action against climate change.


If you're going to try to act to change things for the better, if you're going to try to modify how we behave within the ecosystem as a species on Earth, then we need to know what's happening to the environment

Allison Fong, ABC News

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