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One year ago, we returned home from the epic #MOSAiC expedition.

It’s hard to capture what it means to be a part of something so incredibly complex, and what it took from each and every one of us to make it happen. #Climate #research is invaluable, and the data generated from our project is and will be critical to understanding how Earth’s processes are changing.

If you think science leaves space for being wrong, you’re right, it does. That’s because science is not static, it’s dynamic, and things which are dynamic require space for progress. Science builds on what we know, so when we discover something new, we change the shape of our [un]knowing. Science grows to allow us to revisit how we think things work and adjust our understanding. Our [modern] world is shaped by science.

If you breathed clean air, drank clean water, ate anything, and are reading this post - that’s thanks to science AND the incredible PEOPLE who work to make science possible, and those who work to make scientific results and impacts known beyond the walls of labs.

From my experience, there isn’t any other resource even close to as vital as people when it comes to science. Today, I’m thinking about the many, many people who work tirelessly to make science possible and known.

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